髙松 威


  寄稿 山田真也

Iron is processed and oxygen is removed and made into a material. However, since iron is in an unstable state tries to oxidize and stabilize. It is also the main component of the star, the earth and the moon are no exception. Furthermore, it flows as blood to living organisms as well.

I noticed that iron is not the perfect material a fact that red rust peculiar to iron adheres to the surface and does not protect iron itself. I am attracted by this way of rusting.

The margin is a word that points to the part with nothing for the case where there is something mainly in the plane, clearance represents the meaning of the three-dimensional margin. The margin is regarded as a place where people can recognize the most missing part.Iron that hides under the root of various things is used producing margins and clearance.

It may be trying to interpret the "sabi" which is one of Japan's aesthetic sense with the margin.

Takeshi Takamatsu