2022年08月01日 髙松威

  Life sinks into the everyday. The days are dark and hazy, and indeed there is not much to remember. Forgetting makes us autonomous, and remembering makes us hesitate.

 I don't want to be concerned about the land on which I stand or the house in which I live. As I care about them and add to them, I am satisfied with the changes and stop. Life without concern consumes the days smoothly.

 Things that disappear in finiteness are right beside us, returning to the earth and disappearing into the wind in a moment we cannot even notice.

01/08/2022 Takeshi Takamatsu




  2019年 山田真也

 In metal craft, Takamatsu discovered the existence of loneliness that exists in the gap between craft and sculpture inside the rust that occurs on the surface of iron.

 The form of his work began with a preoccupation with lines, and as he changed his perspective to the gaps and blank spaces created by these lines, he noticed the loneliness that existed there.

 It is represented as various rusts on the surface of the iron. The rust breaks out of the abstract geometric form and surfaces as loneliness in things like the moon, dead leaves, and the swell of the river.

Shinya Yamada